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All items can be delivered any time Monday to Friday; before 11am or after 430pm on Saturday to Sunday. Any staff member will be happy to assist you. You want to donate something not listed here? Just call and ask!

Resident Needs Shelter Items Food Box Items One Time Items Food Box Program Want to donate your time?

Resident Needs back to top of page

  • Running shoes/Boots – New or Gently used; Men's size 10 to 13, women's size 6 to 9

  • Gift Cards for Tim Horton, Pizza, Long distance Cards, Cineplex movie passes, or any other place that would interest youth. These cards are used for rewards for outstanding behaviour. Any gift card for Wal-Mart, Zehrs or clothing stores are used to purchase underwear, food items or household needs.

  • Male pajama pants – Med, Lrg, XL

  • Male boxers Sm, Med, Lrg

  • Male Jeans – 30; 32; 34

  • Male deodorant

  • Female underwear – Sm/Med/Lrg, Bikini Style

  • Female Bra's – Sizes B/C 34 & 36

  • Tampons/Sanitary Pads

  • School backpacks

Shelter Itemsback to top of page

  • Bedding (twin size, new)
  • Towels (new)
  • Broom and dust pan
  • Mop bucket with drainer
  • Grocery items – Milk, Juice, Meat, Sugar, Coffee Fliters,
  • Paper Products – toilet paper, paper towels, kleenex
  • Cleaning supplies, disinfectant wipes, bleach, laundry soap, dish soap
  • Markers, pencil crayons, chart paper, and art supplies – for Art Therapy
  • Pillows (new)
  • Dish clothes (new)
  • Food containers, freezer/sandwich bags
  • Blank paper 8½" x 11" – White
  • Batteries –  AA, AAA, 9Volt
  • Weed whacker/rakes/snow shovels
  • Light bulbs (indoor, outdoor)
  • Philips Capsule G9 40w Halogen bulbs
  • Bath mats, Shower curtains
  • Bags of salt for the driveway
  • YOGA Mats for Gym
  • Stereo System

Food Box Itemsback to top of page

We provide monthly food assistance to anyone who requests our assistance.

  • Kraft Dinner
  • Soup
  • Tuna
  • Cereal
  • Sugar
  • Canned Veggie
  • Can Openers
  • Sauces
  • Reusable shopping bags

One Time Itemsback to top of page

  • 3 – Dressers
  • 2 – Queen Bed Frames

Please call ahead prior to dropping off furniture.

Food Box Programback to top of page

We provide monthly food assistance - NO QUESTIONS ASKED, to anyone who requests our assistance; these are usually past residents or referrals from partnering agencies. But any person in need will be helped regardless of age, or circumstances.

Want to donate your time during the day?back to top of page

  • We are looking for a volunteer driver for Friday mornings to pick up milk from the Dairy
  • How about cooking us a meal once a week?
  • We are looking for individuals to help remove some snow/ice from the sides and end of our driveway in winter.
  • We are also looking for some maintenance help for the houses.
  • Know a personal trainer? We are looking for one to volunteer to help us open our gym.
  • Massage Therapist to donate time


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